TT+ Audio GTX System Brings Fairytale Soundscapes to Life

TT+ Audio GTX System Brings Fairytale Soundscapes to Life

Audax Audio recently became one of the first global customers to adopt the innovative GTX line array by TT+ Audio, expressing complete satisfaction with the system's performance. The newly-branded audio system was showcased in Theater Liberi's contemporary musical adaptation of Snow Queen, a beloved fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

As 2023 came to a close, Theater Liberi's production of "Snow Queen - the Musical" made a stop at Dortmund's Westfalenhalle on its tour of Germany. Snow Queen, a story between a dream world and reality, is a captivating tale of enduring friendship and triumph over evil. This new production features musical compositions written and performed for children and families. 

Audax Audio, serving as the sound provider, faced the unique challenge of delivering impeccable sound in a venue designed with two tiers of seating that can accommodate up to 2,000 attendees. Due to the low ceiling height caused by the hall's vaulted roof construction, visual obstruction was taken into account when deploying the sound system.

Jochen Kühn from Audax Audio opted for 12 modules of the new TT+ Audio GTX10 line array as the main reinforcement system. Further enhancing the system, two GTS 29 double 19" subwoofers were placed under the stage and hidden behind black molleton fabric. The main setup was complemented by four TT 515-A front fills mounted on the stage apron's front lip. 

To achieve uniform sound distribution across the venue, two delay lines featuring a total of 12 RCF HL 6 passive line array modules were installed. This arrangement guaranteed crystal-clear intelligibility and even coverage with meticulous placement of eight modules in the first delay line and an additional four in the second.

By using the new Dante-capable RCF XPS power amps, it is possible to have multiple layers of redundancy across analog and digital connections, ensuring reliability. As for the self-powered TT+ Audio cabinets, GTX can be managed using the RDNet software.
The two amp racks were connected via network cables. Alternatively, an analog / Dante converter was used at the transfer point. 

This technical orchestration was the result of a collaborative effort between Theater Liberi, the event technicians from Allround GmbH, and Audax Audio, culminating in a two-hour journey through a fairy tale world that left the audience spellbound.

Sebastian Hayer, Sales Director RCF explains: "Being one of the first to deliver the new TT+ Audio GTX system with Audax Audio gives us an enormous sense of pride. The result of the first event speaks for itself. We thank Jochen for his trust and look forward to many more productions with him and his colleagues."

The Audax Audio range includes a number of RCF and TT+ Audio products:

Self-Powered Models: XPS Powered Models:
TTL 55-A GTX 10
TT 45-CXA HL 6
TT 22-A II HL 35-S
TT 515-A  
TT 052-A II  
TT 25-SMA  
TT 08-A