Curtains Raised for TT+ Audio in India

Curtains Raised for TT+ Audio in India

TT+ Audio made a grand entrance into the Indian market with an extravagant launch event. Hi-Tech Audio & Image, the authorized distributor for RCF, has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of this new premium TT+ Audio brand, further bolstering its presence in the market.

The application team strategically deployed 24 GTX 12, 18 GTX 10 line array modules, and 15 GTS 29 subwoofers to create a high-quality auditory experience for the audience. TT+ Audio’s experts, Federico Lugli and Emanuele Morlini, were eager to share insights into the engineering behind each speaker. They highlighted the blend of precision engineering and Italian innovation that distinguishes TT+ Audio in the competitive audio market.

Federico Lugli commented, "We were all excited about it as this was the first live demo of the GTX systems in the TT+Audio brand in APAC, after launching in Europe and the USA." He discussed his partnership with Hi-Tech Audio & Image, saying, “After a decade of collaboration with Mr. Rajan and Mr. Nirdos, I can state that their commitment to RCF has been exceptional, elevating the brand to a high degree of recognition in India. They succeeded in creating a solid and reliable organization from the inside out and from the dealer/customer perspective. Thus, it was the wisest and most obvious decision to take on the new TT+ Audio challenge first.”


Rajan Gupta, CEO-Founder of Hi-Tech Audio & Image, explains, “I cannot overstate the amount of time, effort, and meticulous planning that went into orchestrating this launch. From market research and product localization to logistical arrangements and marketing initiatives, each aspect was meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless introduction of TT+ Audio to our Indian audience.”

TT+ Audio captured the attention of audiophiles, industry experts, and patrons. “The launch event also allowed attendees to interact with the GTX series up close and explore its intuitive RDNet network and sleek design. Feedback from those in attendance was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing excitement about owning the system for their audio inventory. To make the Indian market familiar with the tonality of GTX, we are planning for more upcoming demos and listening sessions across India” shared Nirdosh Aggarwal, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Audio & Image.

Emanuele Morlini, TT+ Audio Product Specialist, expressed his enthusiasm for working with the Hi-Tech Audio & Image application team. “The GTX is more than simply a powerful device; it's made to make sound professionals' setup and deployment processes easier. The system's modular architecture, well-suited rigging hardware, and extensive RDNet connectivity enable quick, effective, and expandable installations. This system not only satisfies the exacting standards for sound quality set by the current live sound environment, but it also establishes a new benchmark for adaptability and user-friendliness. We are grateful to Hi-Tech Audio & Image for their important collaboration on the GTX launch. The group's meticulous preparation and diligent labor were key to the event's success. ”

To demonstrate the capabilities of the GTX10, GTX12, and GTS 29, Black Slade, a rock band, was invited to perform on stage after Emanuele Morlini's product presentation. Their live performance was followed by a high-energy DJ set featuring electronic and progressive music.

With its grand launch event, TT+ Audio has not only marked its entry into the Indian market but has also set the stage for a new era of auditory excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the high-end audio landscape in India.